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Nisan - Ekim

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75 Tatil Villaları Ispanya

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Nisan - Ekim

22 Tatil Villaları Algarve

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All of our villas are carefully chosen and personally inspected before your arrival. We want your holiday vacation to be perfect.

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When booking with Agni Travel, you will experience the very best customer service. Our office is open 7 days a week.

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During your stay, our in resort team will be available to you day and night, 24/7, to make sure your holiday is relaxing and stress free.

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Villa Tamia, Lanzarote

DateReview Tarihini İncele: 14/12/2019

Excellent for some peace and quiet. Would come back again for sure!

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Villa Marialetta, Corfu

DateReview Tarihini İncele: 02/12/2019

Family gatherings are always fun. In this beautiful house called Marialetta we found each other after so long being apart. The house is clean end has everything for a huge family. we are very impressed by the surroundings, the garden, the breathtaking view over Corfu city. here was not much in the house that needed extra attention. We got a quick peak at the vast beach, with so many tavernas and bars, enough to choose from. Corfu stands in the line of many holiday resorts and meets the wishes and desires of many tourists.

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Villa Marialetta, Corfu

DateReview Tarihini İncele: 02/12/2019

The preparation for our vacation, the vacation itself, and already back. Time flies so fast. We enjoyed the country with its rich culture, Biblical history, many buildings reminiscent of the share of Greece and the Biblical figures. Our mission was aimed at Catholic women on research into the cradle of Biblical history. A true experience that will stay with us for a long time. Our compliments to the owner of this villa where we were allowed to stay carefree. All rooms looked well cared for, including the swimming pool and garden.

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Villa Marialetta, Corfu

DateReview Tarihini İncele: 01/12/2019

Great view, good food and a lot of sunshine, the villa was up to date. We felt satisfied with everything.

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